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UK Boat Jumbles 2020


Captain Billy doesn’t organise any of events, he just lists them here for your convenience. Boat Jumble events around the UK are managed by Rota Marine, Chaddock and Fox, Compass Events plus a few independents. Always check with the organisers before setting off, for good measure, but especially if you are traveling a long distance.

Future Events

February 2020

Gosport Boat Jumble   [9th]

March 2020

Craignish Boat Jumble   [21st]

July 2020

Titchfield Fareham Boat Jumble   [5th]

Past Events

July 2015

Bodelwyddan Boat Jumble   [26th]

January 2017

West Midlands Boat Jumble   [29th]

May 2017

Cardiff Boat Jumble   [CANCELLED]

June 2017

South Essex Eastwood Boat Jumble   [11th]

October 2017

Margam Park Boat Jumble   [22nd]

February 2018

Nottingham and Lincolnshire Boat Jumble   [4th]

Ardingly Boat Jumble   [18th]

Essex Spring Boat Jumble   [25th]

March 2018

Canford Park Boat Jumble   [24th]

April 2018

East Sussex Boat Jumble   [14th]

Beaulieu Boat Jumble   [22nd]

May 2018

Inverness Boat Jumble   [5th]

September 2018

Battlesbridge Essex Boat Jumble   [2nd]

November 2018

East Hampshire Boat Jumble   [4th]

March 2019

Paddock Wood Kent Boat Jumble   [3rd]

April 2019

Carrickfergus Boat Jumble   [7th]

Falmouth Boat Jumble   [7th]

Norfolk Boat Jumble   [14th]

Thames Boat Jumble   [21st]

Cheshire Boat Jumble and Small Boat Sale   [28th]

May 2019

Irvine Autumn Boat Jumble   [5th]

Irvine Spring Boat Jumble   [5th]

Garstang Boat Jumble   [CANCELLED]

Solent Spring Boat Jumble   [12th]

Shepperton Boat Jumble   [18th]

June 2019

Arun Sussex Boat Jumble   [9th]

August 2019

West Sussex Boat Jumble   [11th]

Portsmouth Boat Jumble   [18th]

September 2019

Devon Autumn Boat Jumble   [14th]

October 2019

Solent Autumn Boat Jumble   [6th]

Paddock Wood Kent Autumn Boat Jumble   [CANCELLED]

Suffolk Boat Jumble   [20th]

Fare Thee Well!

The events are kept as up to date as possible, and phone numbers are available for checking any last minute cancellations, booking stalls or general inquiries. Each event page explains a little bit about the Boat Jumble, directions, other things to do in the area, and places for an overnight stay, camping, and caravan parks.

Feel free to comment at the bottom of each event and Billy will try to answer when he’s on shore leave!


Always check with the event holder before setting off.

Some events will change, or be cancelled last minute without notice!

Most events we have listed have a phone number.